DVDxDV 3.3.9

DVD to QuickTime conversion

After a DVD is created, the original source material can get lost or damaged. When this happens, there is no easy way to get the video off the DVD and back into the computer where it can be re-edited. DVDxDV makes it easy to get at your video when it's on DVD. With DVDxDV you can quickly convert the DVD video back into any Quicktime video format. From there, it can be re-edited and burned onto a new DVD.

DVDxDV is for the home video enthusiast. It allows video to be extracted from a DVD and imported into iMovie and iDVD. DVDxDV uses the same video extraction engine as DVDxDV Pro. DVDxDV exports all audio to a stereo two channel mix.

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DVDxDV 3.3.9

User reviews about DVDxDV

  • Melaman

    by Melaman

    "A must have!"

    After an entire evening frustrated at not being able to convert a DVD with the usual software, I purchased dvdxdv aft...   More.

  • msimon

    by msimon

    "There's nothing else like it."

    DVDxDV is in a class by itself when it comes to ease of use and video quality. I've used this product for may years....   More.

  • careyp

    by careyp

    "I can't imagine using anything else to rip a DVD on my mac."

    I get DVDs from many clients who want to use it on their website or burn it to another DVD. I tested a lot of progra...   More.

  • Hoovy

    by Hoovy

    "The easiest DVD ripper I've ever used"

    I work in the Pro video industry and DVDxDV is very easy to use and produces high quality video. It's the only thing...   More.

  • DamageControlMMA

    by DamageControlMMA

    "Dont' download this program fom softonic"

    The version of the product listed here was clunky and most importantly, was not the full version. It as a trial vers...   More.